ConDoc 5 Beta

ConDoc 5 Beta

Our next release is just about ready for launch!  Below is a beta version that I feel is very solid.  Please take it for a spin and let me know if you hit any major hurdles or issues.  While it is not recommended to switch mid project, this version is completely backwards compatible so it will work with MOG's and our new tags.

Here's some models that have been organized with our new ConDoc Tags, ready for the Plan Generator, Section, Elevation, and Perspective tools.

What's new?
  1. ConDoc Tags!
    1. Multiple Tags can be applied to one entity (groups and components).  This completely eliminates nesting and MOG's.
    2. New ConDoc Tags dialog allows for lightning fast model organization
    3. New Scene Update and Save button
  2. ConDoc System Redesign
    1. Clearly displays the active drawing set
    2. More intelligent assumptions about what LEVEL, LOCATION, CONDITION tag state you need next
    3. Removed DRAFT mode, complexity meter, and dimensions for a smaller screen footprint
    4. ConDoc Tags presented as LEVEL/ELEMENT/LOCATION/CONDITION
    5. Load Drawing Set and The Configurator are now accessed from the ConDoc System.
  3. Project Setup separated from the Plan Generator
    1. Now all tools can use this info
    2. Floor heights are saved per project so they don't have to be input every time a plan is created.
  4. ConDoc Drawing Export
    1. New default scale dropdown


A few tips...

  • Be sure to pull any custom drawing sets you have created out of your program files before installing.  C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins\ConDoc Tools\drawingsets.  Best practice to save those somewhere else, although we do have some logic built in to preserve them on upgrade.

  • You will definitely want the new ConDoc System open, click the Extensions dropdown > ConDoc > ConDoc System > ConDoc System.

  • The Load Drawing Set dialog and Configurator Tool are now accessed from the ConDoc System.  ConDoc FLEX is the default drawing set on a fresh install.

  • Note that drawing sets have been renamed to ARCHITECT, INTERIORS, and FLEX (formerly ConDoc LT)

  • Access the ConDoc Tags dialog from the bottom right of the ConDoc System

  • Select a group or component, then click on tags in the ConDoc Tags dialog to assign or remove.  Multiple tags on one entity, no nesting!

  • ConDoc tags can only be assigned to groups and components (for performance issues), but you can still use the corresponding SketchUp tags for edges and surfaces if needed (ie. visual merge, always off, 3d object, 2d graphic).

  • A selected entity's tags are displayed in the ConDoc System and in the ConDoc Tags dialog by LEVEL, ELEMENT, LOCATION, CONDITION.

  • Control individual tag visibility through the SketchUp tags dialog, or better yet through the ConDoc System tag states.

  • Run the tools and export as usual.  If you change tags assigned to objects after the scenes are created, use the new "Scene Update and Save" before reloading references in LayOut.  A simple SketchUp save won't do.

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