ConDoc EDU Option

ConDoc EDU Options


Providing and policing an individual EDU license is a challenge for our small company, so we do not offer any discounts for individual students.  We feel that $25/month is a low price and flexible option to use ConDoc when you need it.  If you are a student looking for an EDU license, consider contacting your instructor to inquire about access for your entire studio.


This free EDU option is available for instructors only, who can then provide free access for all of their students. It includes access to our course, SketchUp for Professionals, and ConDoc Tools. In return for these licenses, we request to hear how you have used ConDoc Tools in your classroom as well as see some sample projects with which ConDoc was used. 

For Studio access, please fill out this form.


For university owned computer labs, we offer a 6 month discounted ConDoc Tools subscription with 50 seats. Please inquire at or call our office at 720-443-3242.
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