ConDoc LT Model Setup

ConDoc LT Model Setup

ConDoc System

Access the ConDoc System by clicking on the Extensions dropdown > ConDoc > ConDoc System > ConDoc System. 

When using ConDoc LT, the first step with any model is to press the DESIGN button on the ConDoc System, which triggers several automations.  Everything that happens "on-click" is listed in the headings below.

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to any command in the Extensions dropdown.  Click on the Window dropdown > Preferences > Shortcuts.  Type "ConDoc" into the filter.  It's helpful to assign a keyboard shortcut that opens the ConDoc System (Shift + C)


The DESIGN scene, a snappy lightweight modeling environment, is added.  The DESIGN scene only saves Active Section Planes, Style and Fog, and Shadow Settings.


Graphic heavy shadows are turned off, this state is saved to the DESIGN scene.


The ConDoc DESIGN style is set to active and saved to the DESIGN scene.  The DESIGN style has all settings optimized for fast modeling. 
  1. Graphic heavy edge effects like Back Edges, Profiles, Depth Cue, Extension, Endpoints, Jitter, and Dashes are turned off
  2. Material Transparency is set to "Faster"
  3. The background is set to clean white
  4. Watermarks are disabled
  5. Guides and Model Axes are set to visible


Any layers included in the current drawing set are added when the DESIGN button is clicked.  When ConDoc LT is the active drawing set, you will see "CONDOC_2D Graphic" and "CONDOC_3D Object" layers/tags added.
Layer0/Untagged is set to the active layer
Also, "Layer0/Untagged" Dashes settare set to short "hidden line" type dashes.  This is needed to create some of the vector dash drawings.  Even though all lines are technically set to dashed, dashes are disabled by the ConDoc Styles.  They are only enabled in the scenes that present vector dashes.

Moving Forward

After you click the DESIGN button the first time, and all of these automations have already happened, The DESIGN button now activates the DESIGN scene.  In addition to this, it also runs a zoom extents, so the DESIGN button helps if you find yourself lost in the model.  Feel free to modify the DESIGN scene's "Properties to Save", for instance save a camera location if you prefer the DESIGN button to take you back to a specific view rather than running the zoom extents.

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