ConDoc LT Overview

ConDoc LT Overview

What is ConDoc LT? 

ConDoc LT is the intermediate level ConDoc solution, accessed by loading the ConDoc LT drawing set.  The advantage of ConDoc LT is that it works with any model, with any layers, and any model organization.  When ConDoc LT is the active drawing set, each of the ConDoc Tools snapshots the current visible tags/layers and hidden geometry/objects in the scenes it creates.  In other words, you manually adjust the layer and geometry visibility before running the tools, these settings are not embedded in the drawing set.  On click, each of the ConDoc Tools will save the current visible layers and objects to the scene it creates.
ConDoc LT is the default drawing set loaded on a fresh install of the ConDoc Tools extension.  Access ConDoc LT by clicking on the load drawing set button (folder icon) and choose the "ConDoc LT.condoc" file.

ConDoc LT Drawings

ConDoc LT can create a full set of drawings, below are the drawings available from each of the ConDoc Tools. 
  1. Plan Generator:  Floor Plans, Overhead Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans
  2. Section Tool:  Sections, Section Perspectives
  3. Elevation Tool:  Interior Elevations, Exterior Elevations
  4. Perspective Tool:  Interior Perspectives, Exterior Perspectives

ConDoc LT Styles

Each of the ConDoc LT drawings are available in 3 different default styles.

CAD Style
Color Style
Sketch Style

Just like any drawing set, ConDoc LT can be modified using the ConDoc Configurator.  You can assign your own custom SketchUp styles if desired.

Limitations of ConDoc LT

ConDoc LT is faster and easier because it does not require strict layering and model organization, but there are a few tradeoffs to be aware of:
  1. ConDoc LT doesn't know what specific architectural objects are, ie. "furniture" or "framing", so there are only generic plan drawings, no furniture or framing plans.  You can create specific drawings by hiding layers and objects before running the tools, or after running the tools and then update the ConDoc scenes.
  2. ConDoc System Interior/Exterior, Existing/New/Demo, and Level layers states simply don't do anything.
  3. ConDoc LT drawings are typically just one viewport with fewer line weights compared to ConDoc PRO drawings that contain several stacked viewports to create more line weights and dynamic hatches.

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